Veracuity is changing the paradigm in pharmacovigilance by deploying its revolutionary cloud-based proprietary platform

eVERA is a HIPAA compliant platform on U.S. based cloud servers that captures, processes and analyzes user experiences with medicinal products, with the ultimate goal of providing secure, accurate, reliable and rich data in a manner that is responsive to the needs of stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, enabling a better understanding of the benefits and risks of medications in the context of real-world use. 

eVERA benefits consumers, physicians, and pharmacists by providing a faster and simpler means of capturing, validation and verification of user experiences with medications through our web portal, mobile app, and chatbot. 

Automated case processing of individual case reports improves quality, consistency, and reduces error rates. Information is de-identified before sharing case reports with any third parties, such as the drug manufacturer or the FDA and only linked to the patient’s identity by a token to enable follow-up.

eVERA facilitates communication between the consumer, pharmacist, and prescribing physician to hasten immediate reconciliation of potential causes of the patient’s adverse experience and prevent medication-related harm from escalating or reoccurring.

eVERA can be used to support clinical trials, postmarketing surveillance requirements, observational and investigator-initiated studies. eVERA can provide data for designing new clinical studies that reflect actual patterns of use, obtain data to support new indications or determine the benefits and risks of product use in special populations.

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