Innovative Approaches to Drug Safety - Virtual Pharmacovigilance Workshop

Adverse drug events are an unfortunate and inevitable consequence of administering medications to large uncontrolled populations in real-world settings, and they occur far too often. As dedicated pharmacovigilance professionals who take their charge seriously, we do our best to make preventable events occur very infrequently. But we are far from there. We are not applying all the resources, tools, techniques and technologies available to us, we are not adequately educating the healthcare community and patients, and we are not coordinating with all the stakeholders who have a role in pharmacovigilance.

Virtual pharmacovigilance workshop 2019 videos by Veracuity LLC team.

Opening statement by Jonathan Fishbein.

Pharmacovigilance must grow up by Jonathan Fishbein

Avoidable Patient Harm and Resulting Liability by Veronika Valdova

The Role of Social Media in Pharmacovigilance by Sreeram Penna

Closing Remarks by Jonathan Fishbein

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