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eVERA is cloud based pharmacovigilance platform that captures, processes, and analyzes adverse events, with the ultimate goal of providing our primary business customer, the manufacturers, with abundant real-world evidence, enabling a better understanding of the benefits and risks of their products.

Simplification reduces administrative burden and reduces costs of collection and processing of adverse drug effects.
Solicitation of adverse drug effects directly from the public is a unique approach to fulfilling industry reporting obligations and improving epidemiological parameters.
Automation of data capture minimizes human input and reduce time and cost required to process adverse drug events.
Reuse of collected and processed data enables users to satisfy obligations to all interested stakeholders and ADE collecting systems investing very little effort.
Improved system transparency. High quality reports produce more accurate estimate of epidemiological indicators and patterns of use.
Linking patient with the pharmacist and physician enables reconciliation of prescribed vs. dispensed vs. used medication and facilitates follow-up.
Virtual label flags issues such as drug interactions, overdose, off-label use and contraindications, highlights pharmacogenomic considerations and suggests therapeutic alternatives.
Analytical dashboard responsive to stakeholders’ needs enables insight into own performance and quality of care indicators through customized enriched datasets.

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