It all started with medication safety. 

Veracuity was created with an idea to make it easier for consumers to report side effects to those who need to know – their doctors, the FDA, and the manufacturers of the offending products.  We developed a platform that not only facilitates reporting and collection of those incidents but creates comprehensive reports about them and distributes those reports to all the necessary parties. 


And then we took our idea one step further.

We discovered that many consumers describe their side effect experiences on social media, but never tell anyone who can act on them.  The millions of side effects that go unreported, including those experiences described only on social media represent a tragic loss of information that should have been evaluated for the purpose of making medications safer.

To address this problem, Veracuity has created an additional capability to search, harvest, and publish those events that consumers reveal on social media.  All the information we collect from the public is anonymized to protect the confidentiality of the source.


But we realized there is even greater potential use of the tools we created.

Building trust with consumers not only aids our ability to detect, capture and report side effects but enables us to provide consumers with notifications and safety updates regarding their medications.  And when there are issues, we can confidentially inform their physicians and pharmacies.  Bi-directional communication between patients and their healthcare providers expedites care, improving the patient journey and prevents negative outcomes.

As a conduit between all the parties in the healthcare universe, Veracuity can collect and transmit high-quality real-world evidence of safety and efficacy that can ultimately improve the health of not only individuals but whole populations while helping to control healthcare costs.

We help optimize patient treatment to be maximally safe and effective

Veracuity Team

Our Team is composed of medical, clinical research and digital technology veterans with a keen interest in developing automated solutions for pharmaceutical safety. We are advised by serial entrepreneurs and domain experts who have guided start-ups with novel products and services to commercial success.