Simply Revolutionary.

Veracuity is a digital healthcare technology firm focused on the safety of drugs and vaccines. Our core business is collecting, processing, and analyzing adverse drug and vaccine events, as reported by consumers and healthcare professionals.

Our proprietary technology creates actionable health intelligence reports of high value to pharmaceutical manufacturers to meet regulatory compliance obligations. However, our services also aid consumers, healthcare professionals, and many other business stakeholders in healthcare, enabling a better understanding of the benefit:risk ratio of medications based upon real-world evidence.

Veracuity’s platform makes adverse drug/vaccine event reporting fast and easy for consumers and physicians. We use automation and enrichment to create high-quality reports in a standard industry format. Drug manufacturers can incorporate our automated platform into their product safety surveillance system or purchase reports individually, saving time, money, and labor.

We collect real-world evidence that contributes to a better understanding of the risk:benefit profile of individual medications.

We help optimize patient treatment to be maximally safe and effective

Veracuity Team

Our Team is composed of medical, clinical research and digital technology veterans with a keen interest in developing automated solutions for pharmaceutical safety. We are advised by serial entrepreneurs who have guided start-ups with novel products and services to commercial success.