Social Listening and Engagement

Perceptive social listening and meaningfully engaging consumers generates valuable health intelligence on individuals and populations.

Social media is an enormous unfiltered trove of information comprised of the thoughts, opinions, and experiences of nearly 5 billion people.

Veracuity’s platform can sift through this extremely rich source of information, targeting and collecting specific publicly available data from the people you want to hear from.

We can share our knowledge and create a trusting bond with each one, empowering them to better navigate the healthcare journey.

  • Provide customized medical information to patients
  • Update consumers about medication issues
  • Improve medication adherence and persistence
  • Collect patient outcomes and experience
  • Identify product safety trends in social media
  • Detect worrisome viral trends in social media
  • Facilitate medication side effect reporting
  • Collect real-world evidence to improve drug safety